Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Mirror

They were still cleaning up three days after the event ended. Empty bottles and cans were the main items strewn over the ground. These would be recycled in to new bottles and cans and end up on the ground again next year.

“Sometimes people can be so thoughtless” comments Katrina as she picks up three empty beer bottles and a half eaten pie.

“Keeps us in a job though”, says Andrew.

“It just depresses me. A bunch of people getting together to bring some fun in to the world and the result is 25 dump trucks full of rubbish.”

“27 dump trucks actually, the boss forgot about the field down the back. Filthy.”

Katrina shakes her head and takes a moment to stretch her back.

“Hey, what’s that?” she asks.

“What’s what?”

Katrina bends down and pulls a small object out from under a ripped T-Shirt.

Andrew comes over to take a look. “Looks like a mirror.”

“It’s not a mirror. Look. I can see right through it”.

Katrina holds the object up between them to make her point. But as they look they see something strange.

There is a faint image moving in the glass, a whisper of an image, if you know what I mean. Looking closer they see that the image is moving and that it is an old woman with hair like pure silver and skin like golden sand dunes.

“It does make a difference” says the old woman.

Katrina almost drops the frame but manages to say “Ahhh, thanks”.

The old woman smiles and is gone

“Freaky” says Andrew.

And they keep on cleaning.

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