Friday, August 01, 2008

The Monster

It has been said that it is easier if you let it wash over you - don’t resist it. But let us be realistic for a moment. Let us bring to mind the old platitude that some things are simpler to speak of than to practice.

The story I am telling you is about a man; just a simple man. This man probably has a big mortgage and a trivial job to pay for it. He is probably hoping for a lucky break, probably dying of boredom while he waits.

He says he feels numb. He is afraid that under that cloud of numbness there is a fire breathing monster.

There is a monster. It lies shackled but remains coiled and ready, waiting for the day it is freed. When that day comes it will launch itself in to the air and burn its name across the sky.

If said monster had the chance to burn said monsters name across the sky it would, even if it knew that the return trip would be death and ash and oblivion. It would fly, it would write and it would gladly die.

But the monster stays in the cloud and there it will lie.

One day our man woke up and the numbness was gone. He felt electric and alive. He felt light and strong. He looked at the monster and for the first time he noticed something very familiar about it. He felt the monsters energy combine with his own and they rose up as one.

The monster never did burn away in a flash and I never knew what happened to our man.

But I do know that he did not die of boredom.

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