Monday, May 08, 2006

The Open Hand

I have subjected the colourful soap bubble of life to the scalpel of analytical thought. My experiments led me to conclude that any colour in life was only illusion. My experiments led me to the deepest despair.

I have clung too tightly to people I loved; grieved the loss of them while they were still with me. How will I cope when life takes them away from me? I fear I will not be strong enough to do what is required.

For many nights I stood on top of the world and watched as cities slept. And on some cold mornings I would swim in the empty sea. Yes, it was beautiful, but I was only there because I wanted to avoid loss by hiding in open spaces. I grieved for things I didn’t have; love I was afraid to hope for.

A wise man once told me that you have to face life’s hard stuff on your own. I agree with that man. But you should know this, when life seems to be asking more of you than you’re equipped to give, look around you. I’ll be standing there, facing it alone, right next to you.