Thursday, March 26, 2009

The McIntyre Group Run for Fun

The boss was an overweight middle manager who lived for finance sector luncheons. That morning he had been to see a doctor and was told a terrible truth; he would need to cut back on heavy food or start exercising.

Well, cutting back wasn’t an option so, instead of going to a gym like any sensible person, he decided to take up running. In fact he decided to take up running that day. He also decided that we would all be joining him.

His PA spent the morning making fliers and stapling them around the office. Everyone rushed to read one.

“The McIntyre Group Run for Fun! 1st prize - The afternoon off!”

There was a collective groan.

“But we don’t have our running clothes,” someone said hopefully.

At that moment the boss jogged out of his office wearing $1,000 worth of over stretched running gear.

“Get the defibrillator ready,” someone whispered.

“Just run as you are people,” the boss declared in his most commanding voice. “We’re only going around the block.”

We lined up outside with white shirts untucked or skirts held up above knees.

“GO!” The boss boomed.

He led the way and the rest of us trailed behind half-heartedly.

We must have been quite a spectacle because a small crowd had gathered along the edge of the street. They stood silently with their mouths agape.

One bystander called out “Hey! Where are you all running to?”

“The bank,” the boss grunt-shouted back.


We all nodded and kept going.

10 seconds later the bystander and a bunch of other people had overtaken us at speed.

By the time we got back to the branch there was a line of anxious customers queuing around the corner.

The bank had to be shutdown after that. The boss’s finance sector luncheons were over.

I hear he has never been healthier.