Thursday, January 18, 2007


The bell rang for lunch and my friend and I strolled out on to the playground talking about space and spaceships.

“What was there before space?” I asked.

No matter how hard I tried to imagine nothingness the best my mind could come up with was blackness, and blackness seemed to be something.

When I was older I learned that we humans are atomically small in the molecule of the solar system. Some people think that there are as many stars in the Milky Way as there have been humans on Earth. Each star is a massive sun – ancient and unique. And there are many, many galaxies in the Universe.

I can not comprehend the vastness of space.

How can something so large that I can’t comprehend it come from something so empty that I can’t imagine it?

Well, maybe we are just the part of the Universe that is trying to understand itself.

No wonder we want to be famous.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Last Day on Earth

Paul woke with the warm early morning sun smiling through his window. Outside a warm breeze was making a rustling sound as it played joyously in a tree.

Paul yawned, stretched and rolled over to see what time it was. The view of his bedside clock was obscured by a note propped against the dial. The note read thus.

“Good morning Paul,

Hi. It’s me, God. Just wanted to say that today is definitely not your last day on Earth. So don’t worry about dying or anything like that just get out there and enjoy – should be a good one.

Talk to you later.

Lots of love,


There are times when we receive wondrous news, or terrifying news and in that moment everything we had been thinking, every important thing we had to do, vanishes. There is silence behind and between every sound. There are universes created and destroyed in the infinity between the tic and the toc of the alarm clock.

Paul, a passionate believer that man should live each day as if it were his last, has a realisation. He has been living each day as if there had never been a first.

It wasn’t the kind of day you would expect from a man who could not die. No. It was a day filled with a lot of being and breathing and gladness and wonder and just noticing the things around him.

The first day of his life.

God watched Paul’s day and crinkles formed around his eyes. If you had seen those crinkles and those eyes you may have been reminded of the sun on an autumn day.