Monday, April 23, 2012

If Love is a Drug

Ron Reynolds was a has-been and he knew it. He lived off the royalties of his one hit song, ‘If Love is a Drug’. He spent his days watching televangelists and talking to Iggy, his pet iguana.

Ron was painfully aware of the smallness of his life. In his heyday he had been a king amongst men: now he was nobody.

He missed the fans most of all. He missed the electric feeling of forty thousand voices screaming his name. Nothing in Ron’s life compared to that feeling. Ron’s life, his heart, was an unfillable void.

Ron longed to have that feeling one last time, but no one was interested in him anymore.

One day, as Ron sat watching television, a televangelist announced that he would be visiting Ron’s home town of Chicago in two weeks.

“What do you think, Iggy?” Ron asked the iguana.

Iggy turned his reptilian eyes towards Ron.

“You’re right,” Ron said, “I should go.”

Two weeks later, Ron found himself sitting in the third row of a massive stadium that was packed to the rafters. The televangelist was telling the crowd that he had a cure for broken hearts. Ron hoped he was right.

When the alter call came Ron raced down the aisle and joined the queue of people waiting to be healed.

It wasn’t long before an usher came and led Ron towards the televangelist.

“Hello Ron,” the televangelist said. “Tell the good people of Chicago what brought you here tonight.”

Ron felt a wave of goodwill from the crowd. He felt alive; his heart was full; he felt the best he had felt in a long, long time.

He snatched the microphone form the televangelist and yelled: “If love is a drug then you’re my cure tonight – Chicago!”

And with that, Ron walked from the stage, his right fist held high in the air.