Friday, July 17, 2009

The Flame of Peace

A sweet evening breeze tousles curtains and stirs a candle's flame.

Flickering flame,
freedoms soft dancer,
light in the window,
come dance on these walls.

Gentle breeze blowing,
spirit of ages,
soothe this man lying,
bring peace with your breath.

He lies on the floor and breaths deeply. He lies on the floor; his mind is a haven and his spirit a bird on the breeze.

His spirit soars and his whole body is filled with warmth and peace.


He his unaware of the noises outside until the band starts to play. The sound pierces his tranquillity like an arrow. Carols in the park he remembers.

It is inconvenient. This invasion is an annoyance. His mind becomes turbulent.

The smell from smoky barbeques accosts his nostrils. He tries to refocus but the sound of children playing and adults laughing is too much. The band plays on and on and the singing goes on without cessation.

He tries a breathing technique he learnt long ago. It takes some time but slowly his mind begins to calm. He shuts out smoke and lets in the gentle breeze. He shuts out laughing and playing and lets in the sound of his own heart beating. He shuts out singing and music and lets in peace.

He closes his eyes feeling complete once more.

He floats in this pleasant state; the light from a bygone sun fills his mind as he drifts in to sleep.

But he shouldn’t have shut out the smell of smoke.

Sweet evening breeze,
come blow at this window,
knock over this candle,
end peace with a flame.

Sweet evening breeze,
carry sirens call to us,
smoke to the heavens,
and spirit to stardust.


Nicholas Buck said...

This is awesome.

Stephen Buck said...

Great to see you writing again. Excellent work.

Julia said...

Beautiful writing, but somehow chilling.