Monday, December 31, 2007

Interacting with the Energy

Under the cover of darkness - while stars twinkle outside my window, crickets chirp and trees give their goodnight sigh – I sleep.

Drifting through the outer reaches of the milky æther, slumbering softly, I see spectacular nebula with forms like star sized angels.

They whisper my name and sing to me.

“While you sleep we sing to you. Our song is home. Our song is strength. Our song is letting go. Our song is love.”

These celestial sounds massage me deeply yet gently.

All I thought I was drifts from me, anger drifts away from me, loss and failure merge with the darkness and are gone. I become as supple as a newborn.

The pain of failing myself, of failing others melts away and I am free. I weep as I dance to the music that envelopes me.

From the thunderous bass notes of solar systems colliding, to the high notes of a bird leaving its shell and singing for food - the celestial song is love.

A long line of stars guide me back to bed; ancient sentinels.

From here I look down on my peace-filled sleeping self. And for the first time in so long I am not unsure of myself, of what might or might not be; I’m just glad that I am.

I open tear filled eyes.