Friday, September 19, 2008

The Template

It is an established fact - time changes truth.

Truth passes from mouth to ear from breath to thought, interpreted, processed modified. There were always going to be variations.

The ancients called these variations “Chinese Whisper Anomalies”.

Thousands of years ago the Ancients came together for what was to be one of the last great councils of mankind. Over many days it was decided that while variation was at the heart of humanity, truth must be preserved in the new era. They created ‘The Template’.

Over the eons the great cities have moved across the globe. This is something the Ancients did not foresee. Now, every hundred years, someone must travel across the vast deserts of Earth to the Great House of the Template.

The Elected One was chosen to make this quest and I am the Elected One.

It is my life mission to go to the Template, allow it to permeate my being and return to share its truth with my brethren.

This is my quest – I will not fail.

The outside world is a scorched and barren land; the journey long and hard. For months I travel; each day hotter than the one before and each night colder.

When I finally see the Great House of the Template I feel a rush of anticipation. As I enter its vast stone vault a soft human voice says:

“Robot TEO794 prepare for reinstallation of Template 'Rebuild Earth’.”

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