Friday, March 31, 2006

So Far Down

There had been no fire fights raging through the universe. There had been no death, no prisoners, no destruction. And yet this war had rocked the foundations of reality.

Satan stood before God about to become an outcast. Cast out of the only place he had ever known.

“My Lord, I never meant to harm.”

“And yet you have harmed child.”

“What will I be without you?”

“You will be without me.”

With these words Satan, shining pure white like a fiery star, was thrown in to the air.

He was pursued through the dark years of space; a white horse thundering through a dark night.

The angels of heaven watched as Satan fell though the atmosphere of planet Earth. They saw his whiteness burnt to red and his body broken and distorted.

On Earth a great explosion filled the air and a bright light, ten summer days in an instant, scorched the sky. All animals saw it and felt the deepest dread and fear.

Satan fell at an unbelievable speed smashing deep in to the rocky substructures of the earth. Earthquakes ricocheted around the world, volcanos erupted and tsunamis enveloped the land.

The cataclysm wiped out almost all of the larger animals, those that survived struggled to find food and slowly starved to death.

It was a small humanoid that found Satan’s ruined body. That humanoid, thinking it had found food, drank the blood that flowed freely from the wounds of the fallen one.

But Satan was not dead. He looked at the man who stood over him and laughed a frail and feeble laugh.

“We are one now, you and I."

And so it was that God made man.

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