Saturday, March 10, 2007


I just had the most elaborate dream. The story was this.

A woman wakes from a deep coma surrounded by a family she does not remember.

She goes to see the Oracle on the Pier, who says,

“Why have you come to me?”

“I have forgotten my history. Without my past the present seems like an illusion.”

“The illusion is not outside you.”

The pier becomes a bridge, a boisterous sea playing against its sides. Ahead is an island with a castle on top.

Now she stands on top of the castle watching as enemy aircraft fly in formation towards her.

“They are like ours”, she thinks.

“They were trained by us”, someone near her replies.

Antiaircraft bullets fill the air like angry insects. A plane is shot down the pilot ejecting near by.

“I think... I think I knew that man.”

And in that moment all the things she knew and all the things she didn’t swirl around her.

“I am that man!”

Again she is waking up from the coma and this time she knows that she was the pilot.

This time the Oracle says,

“You need to take this to make it stop.”

Slowly she takes the pill to her mouth, opens her mouth, puts the pill on her tongue, closes her mouth and swallows.

A strong light illuminates her and dissolves her as if she had been but a shadow, or a dream.

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Betsy MacArthur said...

An incredible dream. What does it mean to you?