Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sword Sharpener

“But Dad, how can you like ‘The Rolling Stones’? They’re practically dead aren’t they? I mean cryogenics has come a long way.”

“Well what’s this rot you’re listening to? Sounds more like a car crash than music.”

“You have bad taste. Anyway, I just wanted to know if I could borrow some money.”

“You want to insult my taste and then ask if you can have some of my hard earned cash?!”

“Pretty much.”

“Cheeky monkey, go and get my wallet then. How much do you need?”

“Fifty dollars.”

“Fifty! In my day you could have lived for a week on 50 dollars!”

“Yes, but you’re really old Dad. Besides, you still owe me for painting the house.”

“That was two years ago!”

“And you still haven’t paid up.”

Money changes hands.

“Thanks Dad.”

“Look after yourself out there and call me, for anything.”

“I will.”

The front door closes with a bang. Mother looks up from her book and smiles at Father.

“Well Love," Dad says "did you hear all that? How do you think it went?”

“He’s developing his own likes and dislikes. He’s questioning the status quo and your authority. I think he’s coming along nicely.”

“Hmmmm, I agree. You don’t think I sounded a bit phoney though, I mean ‘The Rolling Stones’! It was just the first thing that came in to my head.”

“You’re coming along nicely too” says Mum and gives him a big hug.

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