Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Passé Posse

It is a quiet afternoon in the office: typing, muffled voices and the constant drone of air conditioning, are all I hear.

“Have you thought any more about leaving?” Toby breaks my revere.

“Yes, a bit”, I say.

“What would you do?”

“I don’t know, go to Europe, join a monastery, write a novel – I have no idea.”

“Sounds like you’re having a creative crisis – you want to use the other side of your brain more.”

“Yeah, I guess that’s it. There’s nothing very creative about what we’re doing. I feel like my life is passing me by here. I’ll be lying on my deathbed wondering where it all went.”

“Tell me about it.”

“I always thought I would be famous. When I was a teenager I thought I’d be a drummer in a hard rock band.”


“Yes, I really believed it too.”

I give Toby a wry smile and then ask, “What about you?”

“Well actually, I’m writing a play. It’s something I always wanted to do.”

“True? What’s it about?”

“Well it’s going to be called ‘The Passé Posse’ and it’s just about a group of people – you know.”


“Actually you’ve been helping me out with the ‘disaffected office worker’ character. Hope you don’t mind?”


“And Liz has been typing up our conversations.”

The typing noise stops. Liz looks across with a sheepish expression on her face.

“Right,” I say. “Well good luck with that. Let me know when it’s on – I’ll come and see it.”

Toby turns to Liz and says, “Did you get the ‘lying on my deathbed’ bit?”

I pretend to be busy.

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