Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Journey Down to the Sea

The path leads him along hilltops before taking him down to the sea. It has been a tiring journey but the man has savoured every moment.

Secluded is this beach, and shingly not sandy. The man smiles at the sparkling sea and lets the fresh air straighten and soothe him.

He says, “Hello my friend, it has been too long.”

The sea replies with its rhythmic voice, “Wash sea wash.”

“I was in a rage that night but you were stronger - do you remember? You gave me a new name; a secret name.”

The sea is resplendent in its blue robes; a noble king.

“You gave me a new and ancient name.”

The man is quiet - the sea waits.

“You gave me an ancient name and I found strength in it.”

The mans breathing starts to rhyme with the rhythm of the sea.

“You gave me a strong name. When problems came I remembered the name you gave me.”

The sea seems thoughtful, “Wash sea wash.”

“Problems came and I was alone."

The sea is a friend that listens.

"When I was alone the ancient name was my strength.”

Once more the man is quiet and the sea waits quietly with him.

“I could have died that night, the night you gave me the name.”

The sea is a gentle sage.

“My life was so full then and I couldn't see it. Now my life is finally empty, those I loved have gone before me."

The old man stands silently looking at the sea. Finally he walks slowly into the water.

On this coast the sea is south.

The man turns south.

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Anonymous said...

A funny quirk of the weekly competition rules meant that there were only two entries this week. This story came second.

The story prompt was 'Turning South'.