Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Sea Knows

Lean in closer for I must speak softly.

There is not much time; my friend there is not much time at all. Soon I must leave, but you need to know; you need to know what I know and turn back from your quest.

The night was cold and black. The wind whipped off the sea and grabbed my coat. I thrust my hands deep into my pockets and kept moving.

Waves raced towards me, threw themselves onto the rocky foreshore and crawled back snarling. The world was a warning but I kept moving.

I kept moving, for on this dark moon night I had staked all for the sake of my soul.

The universe had aligned and that place, that beach was the portal. The universe had aligned and at that time, in that one moment, man could cross to the other world.

And cross I did my friend.

Lean in closer now.

On your side the leviathan sea churned and the wind howled like a beast enraged. On the other side darkness was light and all was calm. It was as I had hoped; there was a world of peace.

I knelt in supplication. For three days I prayed in the silence. The need for sleep did not drag at me nor did the need for food claw.

After those three days I arose and began to examine my new home. What I found shocked me to the core. This was no heaven. This was a world where the dead line up for hell.

Desperately I have searched for a way to cross back.

There is no way back.

Tonight the universe has aligned again and now you seek to cross.

Listen to the sea; now is not your time.

Turn back my friend.

Turn back.

He is gone.

Thank God he is gone. I will not share my peace filled paradise.

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