Thursday, August 30, 2007


“ that guy you paid to kill your sister’s dog” I say.


“What happened again?”

“My sister had this really annoying dog so I paid this bloke I met at the pub 50 bucks to finish it off. Well, you know, kill it; it was just a dog”


“Well he went around to the house but he couldn’t do it. And that’s how he met my sister.”

“Okay yeah”

“And he got her pregnant and now they’re married”

“Man – that’s a twist”

“And now whenever I see my mother she says ‘It’s all you’re fault, if you hadn’t paid him to kill Stanley they never would have met’”

“That’s harsh”

And then a voice from the backseat says, “Did he kill the dog?”

And my friend replies, “No, but he kept the 50 bucks.”

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