Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Invisible ropes tether our Earth to the Sun; a leash by which the Tame Lion holds the Lion Heart.

Our Earth is a reluctant pilgrim slowly circling a luminescent celestial body. Heat brings life; action with form. But form without action follows and all actionless forms disappear.

The Sun sees the twin masks of comedy and tragedy. It wonders at the rapidity of the oscillations; sadness, joy, sadness, joy, sadness, joy. Millions of changes in a space of time so small it can hardly perceive it.

Sometimes the Sun loses the ability to track individual changes – the view goes from being molecular to appearing like a candle melting.

There was a time when the Sun thought that more heat would mean more joy - less sadness. Right from its heart it gave out a great burst of warmth. But the oscillations below only increased - the amount of sadness and joy stayed the same.

This is how the Sun learnt what you and I know.

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